Hold 1 tirsdag, ( øvede, Mette)

 Udlært 2018-2019:

Things - Why did it have to be me - Come dance with me - Love flow - Lonely drum - A little shutgun - Forever and Ever - I close my eyes - Codigo - Walking on the Moon - Nothing but you - Irish stew

Udlært 2019-2020

SHAKY (choreograf:George Lafferty)

IT`S MY PLACE (choreograf: Lone Øhlensclæger)

ABSOLUTELY (choreograf: Niels Poulsen)

Ghost Train (choreograf: Kathy Hunyadi) 

Someone You loved (choreograf: Lene Mainz)

Dance Monkey (choreograf: Alison Johnstone)

A few good stories (choreograf:Hanna Ries)

Green Snakes (choreograf: Gary Lafferty)



Hold 2 - Tirsdag - øvede (Mette) 

Udlært 2018-2019:

Golden wedding ring - Why did it have to be me - Come dance with me - Love flow - You got me - A little shutgun - Country Race - Lonely Drum - Mama Tried - Groovy Love - Your Heaven - A perfect night - Waves of Love

Udlært 2019-2020

Gone West (choreograf: Gary O´Reily & Maggie Gallagher)

Romeo tonight (choreograf: Karl-Harry Winson)

LAY HERE WITH ME (choreograf: Julia Wetzel)

Box of Visions (choreograf: The Highlander)

Baby put the hurt on me (choreograf: Carol Gotherman)

Get drunk get Loud (choreograf Rob Holley)


 Hold 3 - Onsdag ( improver, Lisbet.)

 Udlært 2018-2019:

She's my baby - Who needs mexico - A thousand Stars - You got me - Why did it have to be me - Love flow - Shiny Eyes - I close my eyes - Every step in the Book (Almost) - Perfect (Easy) - Galway Girls - Holiday Time - Tenneese Waltz Surprise - Heaven 45

Udlært 2019-2020:

Oh me oh my (choreograf: Rob Fowler) 

TRAIN SWING (choreograf: Niels Poulsen)

LONELY BLUES (choreograf: Rachael McEnaney-White)

Bonaparte`s retreat (choreograf: Maddison Glover)

STARLIGHT (choreograf: Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Kickie)

Country Road (choreograf: Kate Sala)

All Irish (choreograf: Micaela Svensson erlandsson)

Crawfish Pie (choreograf: Norman Gilford & Christopher Gonzales)


 Hold 4, onsdag - let øvede/begynder (Lisbet)

Udlært 2018-2019:

AB Cotten - See you smile - Mamma Maria - Over the moon - Lindi Shuffel - We only live once - Cut a rug - Thanks a lot - Ah-Si - Achy breaky heart - Sko og Støvler - Whiskey Bridges - Hey You - Rocket to the Sun - 2 Leave Liverpool - Broken Memories

Udlært 2019-2020

Don`t say goodbye (choreograf:Alison Biggs & Peter Mtelnick) genudlært Januar 2020

THE LITTLE FARMER (choreograf: Mona Leth)

Almost 64 (choreograf: Pauline Greenwood)

LET´S TWIST AGAIN (choreograf: Karen Tripp)

Playboys (choreograf:Dorthe Michelsen)

Cykelen (choreograf: Ulla Engstrøm)